“Purpose & Freedom” by Meg Holmes

When Becca asked me to write a blog, I was SO honored and honestly a little bit intimidated trying to figure out what exactly to write about.

I realized soon after that the names of our two platforms — Freedom Letters and She Lives Purposefully – gave me a perfect chance to talk about one of my own life-changing realizations.

Friends, freedom and purpose go hand-in-hand.

In 2014, Jesus revealed to me in such a new, fresh way that there was FREEDOM in Christ. At the end of 2016, He showed me AGAIN even more tangibly that He does provide freedom.

I slowly began to realize that not claiming the freedom God gives, whatever it be from, was holding me back from moving forward, moving forward and STEPPING INTO things had for me.

Being so stuck in a repetitive, condemning, people-pleasing thought process was pulling me back from stepping into anything else. Not embracing FREEDOM was chaining me down. And when you’re chained down, it’s hard to notice, well, anything else but those chains.

It’s even more difficult to step into anything else, anything new, anything forward, anything God could be calling us to step into.

While I believe there’s purpose in every season, and believe it or not, there was a purpose for me in my season of feeling un-free (I learned a LOT), I was able to see and understand purpose more and more as I claimed the freedom there is in Christ.

And friend, there is freedom in Christ. He sets us free from ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that holds us.

So, if you need the reminder, like it turns out I often do, let go of what you need to let go of.

If necessary, repent of what you need to repent of. Bring to God what’s burdening you.

Then through that, RELEASE it and to MOVE FORWARD in Christ. There is power in God to be set free, let God set you free.

And move forward. Step into the things He has in front of you as you let go of what’s behind and holding you down.

Embrace freedom and step into the purposes ahead.

About Meg

In her own life, Megan found that purpose drives you. Purpose can bring you out of the deep and to the mountaintop. Purpose can shape the way you live. Purpose is vital to living well.

She Lives Purposefully is a compilation of interviews — stories from your ordinary, everyday women living purposefully, blogs, resources, community and merchandise.

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