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Eyes Up

What do you think of when you hear someone tell you, “hey, eyes up!” I think of sports for some reason. I think of a coach yelling instructions to his players out on the field, or of a school teacher letting a student know that they’re not paying attention with the reprimand, “hey, eyes up

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Modern Calligraphy Workshop - Coming this Winter!

Freedom Letters FIRST EVER Modern Calligraphy Workshop is coming to you this winter! There will be champagne. There will be flowers. There will be lots of fun! As a participating student, you would… learn the fundamentals of calligraphy & lettering, be able to watch & practice with other like-minded folks, receive calligraphy resources to take home with

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Standing Out in a World that Blends in

In today’s society, it’s becoming harder and harder to go against the flow. Whether it’s because of cultural pressure, or because everything that is wrong is everywhere. Or even because there are Christians who have compromised truth for half-truths, and pressure you to do the same. It’s impossible to protect ourselves (or others) from the

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9 Health & Home Hacks

Hang eucalyptus My room officially smells like a candle now. I’ve always loved how eucalyptus looks (it’s in my logo, so that must say something!), but did you know it has a dual purpose? By hanging eucalyptus in the shower, the hot steam activates the oils to release, which helps with congestion, headaches, inflammation, stress,

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Who is the One?

Let’s get straight to the point. We as single Christians need to stop thinking and referring to our future spouse as “the one.” There should only be one “the one” in our lives, and it starts with a capitol “O”. If you haven’t caught my drift, I mean God. Jesus. The Holy One. When we


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