Frequently Asked

What is calligraphy?
There are two main types of calligraphy: traditional and modern. Traditional calligraphy is the script you may recognize from historic documents, or graduation certificates and marriage licenses. Traditional calligraphy follows sets of strict rules: script to be precisely drawn in the boundaries of line heights, lengths, and with specific strokes. Modern calligraphy however, follows no rules! It is truly an art-form. Although there are techniques, you’ll find that they are all unique and different from artist to artist-- and it’s meant to be that way! Just as traditional calligraphy is appreciated for its structure and form, modern calligraphy is appreciated for its style outside the lines (literally!).

How did you learn calligraphy?
I learned calligraphy on my own through simple practice & lots of “trial and error.” For years I didn’t even realize that what I was “doodling” was slowly starting to improve and blossom into a marketable service. Although I’ve never used books or practice sheets, now that I have more experience, I wish that I did take advantage of the resources! And that is the main reason I now offer workshops-- so that you may have a chance to learn more & faster than I did!

How long does it take to create a piece of calligraphy art?
This depends on the medium (art surface), preparation, how many words need to be scripted, and the supplies needed. For example, digital designs could take less time (depending on intricacy of the design) because everything I need (the medium, supplies, tools) are all included in my technology, and it can be delivered to you electronically. However, a tangible item, such as a home decor sign, could take longer depending on the preparation, planning, and scripting on delicate surfaces. Timing also heavily depends on the current order demand and workload. If you need a sign in a short timeline, just ask and I will let you know if I can do it!

How long have you been teaching calligraphy?
I hosted my first Modern Calligraphy Workshop in January, 2020. There’s definitely more to come!

What type of pens do you use?
It depends on the project and medium (surface) I am scripting on, but on paper I almost always use Tombow USA pens. For small, classy script I like to use their black Feudenosuke pens. For a wider, watercolor-like script I use their dual brush pens. Remember that you can “do calligraphy” with any pen! I’ve also used ballpoint pens, sharpies, or anything I can get my hands on in a pinch. Your talent does not depend on the tools, but your effort & perseverance in sticking to it.

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I want to learn calligraphy, but don’t know where to start.
Remember that you don’t need experience to start something. You just need to start doing it! If you have a desire to learn & develop your calligraphy skill, I recommend starting with my beginner's workshop! In this course, I give ya allll my ingredients to the secret sauce of modern calligraphy.

Do I need previous experience or knowledge to take the calligraphy class?
Not at all! Come invited, leave ignited. 

I would love to enroll my child in the workshop, what is the minimum age for students?
There is currently no minimum age for students. I only ask that you discern whether your child A) can get the most out of calligraphy resources with his/her current handwriting skill, and B) will not be disruptive to the other students. I recommend that you attend with your son/daughter and make a date out of it! Create a bonding experience with him/her while creating a new skill.

How many people are in the workshop, and will I receive one-on-one quality attention?
There are 10 students per online workshop. My reason for keeping it smaller is to do just that: to give you more quality time for questions, practicing, and receiving attention & input!

I can no longer attend the workshop I signed up for, what do I do?
Things come up. I understand! Workshop placements are refundable up to two weeks before the workshop. Thereafter, they are non-refundable. If you find yourself in a pickle, and you absolutely cannot attend within the timeline of a refund, you may find a friend to for you, and contact me immediately so I may recreate the experience for that person.

I’m left-handed, can I learn calligraphy?
Yes! Although I am right-handed, I know of people who successfully script with their left hand. 

How do I register for a online workshop or tutorship?
Simply click here and choose your desired workshop or tutorship. It will take to my Etsy Shop (my form of payment processing). Please read the instructions carefully before registering, and then choose your desired workshop date to register!

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Do you ship internationally?
Currently, I do not ship internationally.

Do you sell pre-made calligraphy pieces too?
Yes! You can view all of my pre-made signs and products at my online Etsy shop here. (P.S. all their prices are marked down! You’re gonna want to go grab one right away!)

Can I pick up my order in person?
Yes! I’m always down to meet my customers in person! (Even better, if we meet at a coffee shop ;)) I ask that you simply consider my time, as I consider yours, and let’s do our best to rendezvous!

How long will it take to get my custom order?
Design & processing often depends on my current workload. I do my best to keep send it off to you within two weeks. I recommend that if you’d like to place an order, you get on it well ahead of time so we’re not rushed!

What should I do if my order arrives damaged or incorrect? Do you offer refunds on custom orders?
It’s my desire to fulfill your every dream in your custom order. But guess what.... I’m human! If your order does not meet the criteria we discussed, then I'd be happy to recreate it without additional charge, of course! If your order meets the criteria we discussed, you are still not content with the finished product, I'd be happy to discuss it with you and figure out a compromise. Please remember, modern calligraphy is an artform, so my work will not look the same as others! But on the flip-side, you are getting a piece of art like no other, made for YOU, with YOU in mind.

Do you offer in-person consultations?
Yes! I’m always up for meeting up-- especially if coffee or food is involved! Contact me here to get the conversation started!

I need my order in a hurry! Can you accommodate rush orders?
Oh dear! Although nobody likes a rushed product, I understand if you totally spaced and need something right away. Simple contact me here, and we’ll do our best! No guarantee, but I'm optimistic ;)

Will I see my order on your Instagram feed?
Possibly! I try to ask customers if it’s alright with them if a picture of their product or design is published (not always immediately) especially if it’s a gift for a loved one-- I don't want to ruin the surprise!

Do you have gift certificates?
I currently do not offer gift certificates.

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