Austin Borders

I’ve known Becca Thompson for a while now and during that time I have often employed her creativity and resourcefulness. With each opportunity, she consistently surprised me with her creative vision and faithful stewardship; making her my number one go-to person for craft projects… even before Freedom Letters! Now having employed her services as a legitimate business, I’m pleased to find that she brings the same care and diligence to her projects as if she was doing them for a close friend.
Recently, I had dropped a project on her lap that I needed done fairly quickly. I was going to give that product to a friend for his birthday but didn’t realize when it was until two days prior. With a bit of manic desperation, I contacted her to see what she could do. I knew it was a lot to ask her to get it done with such late notice so I didn’t expect much. However, she went above-and-beyond by getting it done in time and doing a fantastic job! I’m very thankful for her services and would recommend them to anybody.