Josh McMillan

Freedom Letters has made quite an impression on myself, sharing a fresh perspective of my understanding of calligraphy. Being a friend of Becca’s has not interfered with my ability to write this review unbiased due to the pure authentic quality of her work. With a short intro from Becca and small glimpses of of her work you can see a true desire to provide quality products with a deep sense of God’s provision for her ability in this business she has begun. The art she produces has the potency to speak to whoever purchases it. Having a few pieces of her work, I am grateful for not only the inspiration the quotes bring, but also the fact that I know she invested a part of herself into the piece in ensure I was not only satisfied, but blessed. Freedom Letters is a wonderful outlet for Becca to provide hope and life. This is done through designs purposed to invoke either a deep sense of awe for our God or joy in words being free to speak on the canvas, wood, or metal she works with.