Would you like to learn how to script on your own? 

Do you want to be able make decor for your home & gifts for your friends? 

Do you want to send out Christmas cards out with some gorgeous script that you did yourself?

As a participating student in a Freedom Letters workshop, you will...

  • Gain the calligraphy know-how to practice lines, strokes, letters, and words
  • Grasp the fundamentals of what modern calligraphy is all about
  • Learn a few fun facts about the different types of calligraphy (did you know "fake calligraphy" is a thing?! Yeah. And it's a life-saver!)
  • Receive calligraphy resources (plus a few extra goodies) to help you keep on learning at home!

In addition, you bet on it that you'll have a ton fun at a Freedom Letters' workshop! When you sign up for a workshop, you better get ready for a grand time, new friends, and a cool opportunity to learn a new skill.

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